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#HerCall Campaign

#HerCall is the social movement started by SheHub, in raising public awareness on respecting the different approaches women choose to meet their life agendas and achieving goals in life.

We see the pressure and dilemma social values put on women in making decisions in life, especially in Asia, such as when to get married, give birth and if we should sacrifice career for family. At SheHub, we believe that women take charge and have the total right to decide for our own future, it’s #HerCall to decide when and how to meet their life agendas and goals.

#HerCall is the first social movement powered by SheHub to promote the respect to women making their own decisions for achieving goals in life.

At the launch event on 22 April, a micro movie for #HerCall Campaign will be premiered and we have the pleasure to have invited Ms. Sherie Kong, the first professional female jockey in Hong Kong, to be our guest speaker sharing her #HerCall stories in both her career and marriage.


Date: 22 April 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Venue: On The List, G/F, 6 Duddell Street, Central

To RSVP, please visit:

#HerCall 是我們發起的首個社會運動,旨在提高公眾對尊重女性為自己選擇,以實現人生目標的自由。


4月22日 的啟動活動將首播為 #HerCall 製作的微電影,更加邀請首位華人女騎師江碧蕙小姐分享她的 #HerCall 故事,由事業到婚姻,她一直忠於自己的決定,為自己創造不一樣的人生。  

日期: 4月22日 (星期日)
時間: 2pm - 4pm
地點: 中環都爹利街6號地下 On The List